How To Style Sweatpants for Women

How To Style Sweatpants for Women

Sweatpants are some of the most comfortable and versatile wardrobe staples. Effortlessly pull off a range of looks by wearing joggers in different colors, patterns, textures, and fits. Here are some tips on how to style sweatpants.

Styling Sweatpants

You can pair sweats with laid-back styles and matching pieces or elevate a look with contrasting tones and bold designs.

How To Dress Down Sweatpants

Choosing the Right Shirt

Relaxed sweats pair nicely with fitted tops – a cropped cami, body or baby tee are everyday favorites. Mix it up with floral or textured patterns.

Boxy tees look great with joggers whether they’re cropped or loosely tucked in. Complete the look with a matching sweater or oversized jacket for colder weather.

Wearing the Right Shoes

You can never go wrong styling sneakers with sweatpants. Wear a chunky statement pair that peek out under wide-leg joggers or show off some high-tops under cuffed pants.

Pair a casual sweatsuit outfit with lace-up or Chelsea boots – the chunkier, the edgier. On warmer days, match sweatpants with slide sandals – tube socks optional.


Women’s joggers are usually made from cotton or a synthetic blend. Cotton is breathable, long-lasting, and easy to care for. Polyester is often blended with cotton to improve its strength, stretch, and wrinkle-resistance.

Some track pants are made from, or blended with, nylon and elastane that dry quickly and have great stretch. Other pairs are constructed with soft, lightweight, and airy viscose/rayon.

How To Dress Up Sweatpants

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Choosing the Right Top

Elevate a sweatpant outfit with an oversized shirt worn loosely over the waist or partially tucked in. Try tying the shirt or leaving all of the buttons except one or two undone. Experiment with different silhouettes by pairing a wrap blouse or corset top with sweats.

Create a modern high-low look by wearing baggy sweatpants with a blazer. Joggers also pair well with sweater vests, especially when finished with a tie-waist jacket or a trench coat.

Wearing the Right Shoes

Chunky heeled boots are an easy go-to for dressing up women’s joggers. You can also smarten up a casual look with a set of slip-on mules. Pairing sweatpants with sandals creates a look that transitions well from casual daytime fun to a night on the town.

Adding Accessories

Accessorizing is another fun way to add a touch of personal style to any sweatpant outfit. Contrast the simplicity of joggers with a studded headband or a bag with embellishments. Fun sunglasses and layered jewelry also add another layer of style and color against neutral tones.

Style Ideas by Color

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What To Wear With Grey Sweatpants

Pair gray sweatpants with a pop of color or a graphic t-shirt. A bold print or contrasting texture also works well. You can keep it simple by wearing more muted colors, letting details like lace or embroidery stand out.

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How To Style White Sweatpants

White sweatpants provide an understated yet sleek look, especially with an oversized outerwear.

Skinny white sweats paired with a relaxed shirt and sweater, or with a sports bra and tailored jacket, give off a confident look.

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What To Wear With Black Sweatpants

Black joggers with a white top and white sneakers create a clean crisp look – black and white monochrome is visually appealing. Wear all black to let other pieces like statement boots, a unique handbag, or a fur coat stand out.

How Should Sweatpants Fit?

Joggers for women should fit comfortably and let you move freely. Baggy styles will be fitted at the waist and roomy elsewhere. Slim pairs are more fitted but still comfortable, and skinny sweats sit close to the body while still allowing for full movement.

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How To Cuff Sweatpants

There are a few different ways to cuff sweatpants. The easiest technique is to gather and overlap the fabric around the ankles, rolling them up. You can also tuck the bottoms of your sweatpants into long socks instead of folding them.

The other popular method requires a rubber band or hair tie:

  1. Ensure the hair tie or band will sit comfortably on your leg, without affecting your circulation.
  2. Roll up the first cuff a few inches from your ankle – only flipping the fabric over once.
  3. Place the band around your leg in the middle of the cuffed area.
  4. Fold the cuff up again so that the banded area is hidden within the cuff and no longer visible.
  5. Readjust the fit to your comfort level.
how to tie waist drawstring

How To Tie Sweatpants

Here are the most common ways to tie the waistband on sweatpants:

  • Classic bow – The most popular and go-to tie for two strings that can be undone by pulling one of the strings
  • Adjustable fisherman knot – Creates a horizontal loop that you can easily tighten or loosen
  • Single loop drawstring bow – Uses one continuous drawstring to create a bow
  • Single loop drawstring knot – Uses one continuous drawstring to create a knot that stays in place

Sweatpants are a wardrobe favorite that have proven to be more than just loungewear. Experiment with different fits and styles to create your own unique look.