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How To Choose a Bikini for Your Apple Body Shape

Our bodies don't always fit into categories, but choosing a swimsuit based on a similar body type is a good starting point for discovering new styles that you could love.

If you're not sure what body shape you have, check out our How To Choose A Bikini For Your Body Shape Guide to find out.

What Is an Apple Shaped Body?

Apple-shaped bodies tend to be top-heavy  broader in the bust and waist with narrow hips. And like with actual apples, there are many varieties when it comes to this body shape, but the most common characteristics include:

  • Wider chest and back
  • Medium to large bust
  • Wider waist 
  • Narrower hips and slim legs
  • Bust, waist and hips have similar measurements

How To Choose a Bikini for an Apple Shaped Body

If your aim is to balance your silhouette, you'll want to opt for swimwear that emphasizes your chest, elongates your legs and adds curves to your hips and waist. These, of course, are just general recommendations. The bottom line when choosing swimwear is that you feel comfortable in it.

  • Add emphasis to the curve of your hips with patterned bottoms and side-ties.
  • Mix & Match tops and bottoms can create different illusions with your unique measurements.
  • Look for eye-catching tops that draw attention to the upper half of your silhouette.
  • A tankini top paired with a high waisted bottom will aesthetically cinch the waist.

Best Bikini Types for Apple Body Shapes

One Piece Swimsuit

One-pieces are both stylish and practical for coverage, plus they comes in a variety of styles that can complement your silhouette. Look for designs with eye-catching shapes and details around the hips and neckline, with darker colors around the middle to minimize the waist. Sweetheart necklines both flatter and provide support for larger busts. Don’t be afraid to try out ruffles around your waist  while they do add volume, they can also cover the stomach.

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Bikini Tops

Eye-catching details and bold colors and patterns draw the eyes towards the bust and neckline, as do V-neck swim style tops. If you want to minimize your shoulders, try styles that aren't bandeau or strapless.

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Bikini Bottoms

A retro high-waist bikini bottom is a great way to add definition while providing stomach coverage. Otherwise, skimpy and horizontal waistline bikini bottoms with side ties will emphasize the curve of your hips and butt.

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If you’re an apple shape who’s planning on catching some waves in your new bikini, you’ll also need to be sure it’s a surf-friendly design – check out our How To Choose a Surf Bikini Guide for everything you need to know.

Whatever your shape, the most important thing for looking good in swimwear is feeling good about your body.