The Women’s Guide on How To Style a Hoodie

The Women’s Guide on How To Style a Hoodie

Put simply, a hoodie is a jersey sweatshirt or jacket with a hood. It might zip up all the way or pull over the head. Pullovers may have a half or quarter zip closure, or even no zip at all.

womens cropped hoodie

An effortless everyday piece, hoodies are a versatile styling option that adds a sporty vibe to any outfit, uplifting casual outfits with a pop of color or slogan print and bringing an element of contrast to boho outfits. Match your hoodie to your personal style using some of our tips below.

How Should a Hoodie Fit?

A regular fit hoodie for women has a uniform length and width. A hoodie in your size will have a roomy torso, without being too baggy at the stomach or shoulders, and will be fitted over the hips. Fitted hoodies are constructed with more contouring around the waist and arms, for a slightly more structured look.

How To Style a Jacket with a Hoodie

Hoodies are the ultimate layering piece, easy to throw on under a jacket for extra warmth or protection from the rain. You can wear a hoodie under almost any type of jacket.

Leather Biker Jacket

Real or faux, a leather jacket can bring a touch of rock to your favorite hoodie. Keep it classic yet edgy by pairing this combination with distressed jeans and chunky boots. Or switch it up with a denim mini or a midi skirt – a sleek pencil with a split, or a textured pleated skirt.

Denim Jacket

A hoodie paired with a jean jacket – fitted, oversized, ripped, or embellished – is an everyday favorite. This combination goes well with a matching denim skirt, any type of jeans, faux-leather leggings, cycling shorts, or a dress. The denim jacket-hoodie combo can also dress down more romantic garments like floral dresses and skirts.


Wearing a hoodie with a bomber jacket delivers a confident style, and is the ideal combo for seasonal transitions, giving you layering choices that keep you warm in changing temperatures. The resulting look works nicely with cargo pants and carpenter jeans, as well as slimmer styles and sporty leggings.

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How To Wear a Flannel with a Hoodie

A popular laid-back look is a flannel piece over a hooded sweatshirt – this can be a standard shirt, a thicker overshirt or a plaid patterned jacket. Minimize your figure with an oversized flannel shirt, and show off your frame with an open zip-down hoodie underneath. Enhance these layering pieces with a thick coat, parka or puffer jacket to finish.

Styling a Cropped Hoodie

Cropped hoodies have become wardrobe staples over the past years and are here to stay. Not in any way limited to showing off midriffs, cropped hoodies can provide full coverage when paired with high-rise bottoms, accentuating the smallest part of your waist, and elongating your legs – a total win-win.

How To Wear a Hoodie as a Dress

There are two main ways to wear a hoodie as a dress. The first is opting for a much larger size than you would normally pick and simply wearing it as a dress. Or you can alternately pick one purposely specifically designed as such. Either option creates a cozy look that’s both cute and casual.

Hoodie dresses normally end around mid-thigh, but can sometimes be longer. Pair it with sneakers or chunky boots. Hoodie dresses may come in the classic ‘hoodie shape’ or may be cut to an A-line, cinched at the waist, flared at the hem, or have other unconventional details that stand out and create an original silhouette.

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How To Style an Oversized Hoodie

You can style an oversized hoodie with a shirt underneath, letting the collar and cuffs peak out for a layered look. You could also pair it with a long dress for a runway-ready style. Balance with form-fitting bottoms – jeans or leggings, or add a playful element with a mini skirt.

Blazer with a Hoodie

Hoodies and tailoring may seem counterintuitive but this kind of juxtaposition offers great balance in styles. Wear a fitted hoodie under a blazer or tailored jacket – never over. The elevated tone of the blazer’s structured details contrasts with and complements the relaxed and fluid vibe of the hoodie.


What Pants Should You Wear with a Hoodie?

You can make almost any pair of bottoms work with a women’s hoodie if you style it right.

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Styling Joggers and Hoodies

Skinny joggers that are more skin-tight define and show off contours. The resurgence of 90s joggers – defined by their baggy legs and cuffed ankles – are a casual go-to. Finish off the look with a fitted hoodie to accentuate the body or a baggy hoodie to bring structural contrast.

Styling Pants and Hoodies

Create a curvaceous figure with flared leggings or pants. Opt for high rise to lengthen the legs, and contrast a bold pattern with a single-toned hoodie. Pair cargo pants with hoodies in neutral hues or bold patterns. A hoodie and matching pair of sportswear leggings are always a comfortable and easy statement.

hoodie with jeans

Styling Jeans and Hoodies

Fitted jeans with hoodies are a universally classic combination that highlight a more natural body shape. Enhance your silhouette by slightly tucking your hoodie into your pants. Wider leg styles - such as carpenters or straight fit jeans - look great with cropped and fitted hoodies, offering a more defined waistline and structured figure.

Styling Skirts and Hoodies

Balance A-line mini skirts and pleated tennis skirts with a cropped hoodie or tucked in hoodie. The figure-hugging qualities of a bodycon midi or pencil skirt paired with a jersey-material hoodie create a confident look. A maxi skirt can also add an air of juxtaposition.

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Styling Shorts and Hoodies

Hoodies are the ideal layering piece in warm weather, so pair with your favorite shorts and top. Favorites include cycling shorts, runner shorts, basketball shorts, and denim cutoffs. You can choose between minimizing the figure in an oversized, tucked-in hoodie or showing off the waistline with a cropped hoodie.

Not only are hoodies for women a comfortable staple to any wardrobe, they offer a chance to mix up different silhouettes and add a casual element to many outfits. Incorporate them into your personal look by styling them your favorite way.