Surf Workout for Women – A Guide to Strength Training for Beginners

Surf Workout for Women – A Guide to Strength Training for Beginners

Boxing is a great form of cross training and a go-to workout routine for women that builds the muscle and stamina necessary to improve surfing skills. Like boxers, surfers learn to embrace the art of falling – especially as beginners.

Both sports also require the legs as a power source for movement, using them to guide a big roundhouse in the water or a solid 1-2 punch combination in the ring. Boxing is also great for reflexes, in and out of the water. Quick reflexes come in handy when falling off a surfboard, keeping you on your toes and your limbs from flailing.

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Surfing primarily activates the shoulders, chest, arms, abs and legs, so finding a solid strength training workout can help you surf better and longer.

Some great full-body workouts that don’t require any equipment are:

  • Pushups – Which activate many of the core muscle groups required for surfing and help with things like duck diving and paddling.
  • Squats – Like with boxing, squats target the leg muscles necessary to make turns and act as the foundation for powerful movements in the water.
  • Lunges – Not only do lunges strengthen the legs, they also increase agility and flexibility.
  • Planking – Which helps target the core and build strength that makes popping up much easier.
  • Running – A great form of cardio that improves lung capacity for swimming and is a well-rounded exercise for anything that requires endurance.
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Don’t forget to hydrate before hitting the waves or doing women’s strength training! Drinking water gives the body more energy, improves brain performance and replaces any water that may be lost during a surf workout.

Leveling up your exercise as you progress can make things more fun while also improving your endurance, keeping you out in the water and enjoying your surf session.