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Wetsuits Hoods

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Surf Wetsuits Hoods for Women - Shop the Collection

When ocean temperatures get cold, wear a wetsuit hood. We all love the ocean, but some of its conditions can be far less inviting than others. When temperatures start to drop, an early morning surf session can come with a complimentary brain freeze, but our women’s wetsuit hoods can be the secret weapon you need to keep the cold at bay. At ROXY, we’re experts when it comes to designing high quality performance surf accessories, and wetsuit hoods are just one of the many accessories that we make to improve your experience in the water. We understand that the conditions aren’t always in your favor, but we don’t believe in sacrificing time on your surfboard for a little drop in temperature. With one of our women’s wetsuit hoods, you’ll have the durable protection you need to comfortably stay in the water for as long as the waves continue to entice you. So, grab your wetsuit hood and suit up! The surf awaits.

Women’s Wetsuit Hoods for Cold Water Surfing

What is there to know about wetsuit hoods? They sound pretty straight forward, but it is good to understand the benefits and uses for a women’s wetsuit hood before slipping one on for the first time. The concept is quite simple, you wouldn’t spend hours outside in cold weather without protecting your head with a hat, right? Why should your time spend in the water be any different? Think of a surf hood as a hat for the water; it keeps your head and ears covered and protected from the cold water temperatures much as your wetsuit keeps the rest of your body protected. Most of our wetsuit hoods for women are made with neoprene. Neoprene wetsuit hoods are extremely dependable when it comes to protecting against the water and keeping your head warm and dry for the entire duration of your surf session. Neoprene hoods are very popular among surfers who live in areas where cold water is common and they don’t have the luxury of being able to surf without full coverage. ROXY has perfected the women’s surf hood design and provides the best wetsuit hoods for female surfers of all ages. This is just another way we can ensure that you have the highest quality experience in the ocean.

Which Wetsuit Hood is Right for You?

While our individual wetsuit hoods are a great item for all cold water surfers to have in their collection of gear, there are some alternatives. Rather than pairing a separate women’s wetsuit hood with your everyday wetsuit, you could choose to wear one of our wetsuits with a hood. For surfers who know that they are going to be experiencing cold water temperatures more often than not, it might not be a bad idea to invest in one of our full body wetsuits with a hood. Having a hooded wetsuit can save you the trouble of having to remember multiple pieces when you get dressed to go surfing as well as keep you warm and compact all in one piece. Choosing to wear a hooded wetsuit rather than a separate surf hood is purely a matter of preference, each will keep you equally as protected from the elements each time you get in the water. Test each option out to see which is more comfortable for you.

ROXY Has All of the Wetsuit Hoods You Need to Buy

Are you ready to be able to surf year round? Visit ROXY’s online store today and find your favorite wetsuit hood to complete your collection of cold water surf apparel. It is easy to browse through our collection of women’s wetsuit hoods online and buy the ones that you like the most. We know that sometimes shopping for performance accessories online can raise some questions, which is why we’ve arranged for our free customer service helpline to be available via live chat, phone, or email while you shop. Get the answers and information you need about wetsuit hoods so that you can make the best purchase decisions!

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