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Neoprene Gloves

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Surf Wetsuit Gloves for Women - Shop Online

Frozen fingers getting in the way of a great surf session? ROXY neoprene gloves are the perfect solution. As a brand with deep roots in surf culture and lifestyle, ROXY has perfect the art of designing high quality performance accessories that enhance your surfing experience. Women’s neoprene gloves are a great accessory to wear on days when the water temperatures are low but the swell is high! Neoprene gloves will keep your fingers dry and warm for as long as you choose to be out in the water. There’s no need to suffer while surfing, as long as you’re wearing all of the appropriate gear your time spend in the water will be nothing but enjoyable. Keep a pair of neoprene gloves in your car so that you always have them on hand (pun intended) if the conditions call for cold water protection.

Farewell Frozen Fingers: ROXY Neoprene Gloves are Here

If you’ve never worn neoprene gloves before why should you start wearing them now? Well, it’s likely that you didn’t fully understand the benefits of wearing a wetsuit until you paddled out in one for the first time, but now your surfing experience wouldn’t be the same without one, right? Sometimes you need to give things a try before you rule them out, and surf gloves are one of those things. While wetsuits are great, they don’t fully cover all parts of your body, thus leaving some room for discomfort to creep in. We want you to be able to enjoy every minute of each surf session without the slightest distraction of discomfort which is why we work hard to develop accessories like neoprene waterproof gloves to add a little more comfort where its needed. We use high quality performance materials to design our women’s neoprene gloves, making them the best surfing gloves available. Keep your circulation strong and your paddling even stronger when you gear up in a pair of ROXY women’s neoprene gloves.

Women’s Neoprene Gloves are the Best Surf Accessory

We often get asked, what kind of gloves for surfing can I wear? Are there such a thing as wetsuit gloves? Our answer is a resounding yes! Women’s wetsuit gloves, also known as neoprene gloves, make the best surf gloves for women. But why does neoprene make the best wetsuit gloves for women, you might ask. Because neoprene is specially designed to be waterproof, allowing your hands to stay dry and warm the entire time you’re in the water. ROXY makes the best neoprene gloves because we are constantly focused on improving your surfing experience and something as seemingly small as a pair of women’s surf gloves can make a sizeable difference when it comes to your comfort. By dressing properly for your time in the water, you're giving yourself the ultimate advantage against cold weather conditions, and will be able to enjoy a much longer surf session filled with fun.

Buy Your Women’s Neoprene Gloves Online Today

Now that know how powerful of an accessory women’s neoprene gloves can be, it’s time to visit ROXY’s online store and buy the pair of neoprene gloves that is right for you. We offer a selection of neoprene gloves in our online store because we know you value the convenience of being able to get your shopping done quickly from the comfort of your own home. If you’re still not sure what style of neoprene gloves to buy, you can consult with our free customer service helpline via live chat, email or phone to get the information you need to feel comfortable about your purchase decisions.

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