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Surf Booties for Women - Shop Wetsuits Boots Online

Have you tried surf booties? When you paddle out for a surf, sometimes your feet need a little extra protection; whether extra coverage is needed to keep them warm in cold water conditions or protected from the hazards of a rocky ocean floor, or maybe you just would like to have a little extra traction when standing up on your board, surf booties are the best way to check all of the above. As a brand focused on facilitating the active lifestyles of women everywhere, ROXY designs products suited to meet every last need you might have when paddling out to catch the perfect waves. We are experts when it comes to surf gear, and womens surf booties are one of the many accessories we design to help enhance your experience in the water. Don’t let cold feet cut your surf session short, instead be prepared with a pair of surf booties protecting your feet.

Why Wear Women’s Surf Booties?

You might ask, what are some advantages to wearing womens surf booties? There are several benefits to wearing surf booties when you surf, and we’ll explain a few of the main reasons why. You probably wouldn’t paddle out in cold water conditions without putting on a wetsuit, right? Well, why should your feet be protected any less than the rest of your body? After all - feet are often one of the first body parts to feel the effects of the cold. Treat your feet to the same level of protection as the rest of your body by making women’s wetsuit shoes a staple part of your surfing wardrobe. Surf booties are essentially neoprene shoes, or neoprene boots to be more specific. The neoprene keeps your feet warm and dry while in the water so you can squeeze in a few more waves before having to call it quits. Utilizing the best material technologies allows us to make ROXY surf booties the best neoprene surf shoes you will be able to find. So give a pair of our women’s neoprene boots a try, you’ll be elated the next time you enter the water and don’t have to worry about numb feet getting in the way of you and your perfect wave.

Happy Feet: ROXY Surf Booties to the Rescue

While a main attraction of women’s surf booties is to keep your feet warm and protected in the water, it is important not to forget about the benefits surf booties offer on land as well. Have you ever found wanted to rush into the water during an epic swell but been slowed down by painful rocks on the ocean floor? Do you see where we’re going with this? Women’s surf shoes allow you to walk painlessly over any type of rocky terrain so that you never have to waste time wading slowly into the water. At ROXY, we do everything we can to maximize your time spend doing what you love, so we designed a collection of surf shoes that are arguably the best surf shoes you will put on. Our slip on surf shoes are easy to put on so you don’t have to worry about experiencing any hassle trying to get them on and off. Don’t take another step without a pair of women’s surf booties to keep you happy both in and out of the water.

Ready, Set, Buy! Shop for Women’s Surf Booties from ROXY Today!

Are you ready to buy a pair of women’s surf booties? Visit ROXY’s online store today and browse our wide selection of surf booties to find the pair that you like the most. We make it easy for you to shop for your surf booties through our online store so that you can conveniently order what you need and quickly get back to surfing. If you still have questions about women’s surf booties and which styles are the best for you, you can reach out to our free customer service help line via live chat, email, or phone to get the answers and information you need to make your final purchase decisions.

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