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Womens Swimshorts - Shop the Collection Online

Three s words we absolutely love are summer, surfing, and swim shorts! When it comes to women’s swim shorts, there is only one brand that knows exactly what you need, and that’s ROXY. ROXY has deep roots in surf culture and a long history of designing high quality products that keep you clothed properly in the water. We know exactly what you need to keep you happy in the water and a pair of our swim shorts is definitely on that list. Each pair of our swim shorts is designed to enhance your performance in the water whether you’re out for a surf or a swim. Women’s swim shorts are perfect for any day that the weather is warm and you want to paddle out on your surfboard with some additional coverage and protection.

Suit Up in a Pair of Our Swim Shorts

We give attention to every detail when we design our swim shorts for women. We know that when you’re in the water you want to be able to focus on catching the perfect wave, and we don’t want any distractions to get in your way. We spend our time working out the technical details of your swim shorts so you don’t have to worry about them once you put them on. Each pair of ROXY women’s swim shorts is designed with the best premium fabrics that are soft and water resistant. The materials are quick-dry so your swimming shorts will not retain water and weigh you down. Our swim shorts are also designed to fit you well so that you don’t experience any drag and you can remain quick and flexible as you make your way through the water. Whether you wear your swim shorts to surf, or to go for a swim, we’ve made sure that they will keep you comfortable and protected so that you can enjoy your time in the water.

Surfs Up! ROXY Women’s Swim Shorts

Since swimming shorts for women are a technical piece of performance wear, it is important to choose a style that fits well and keeps you comfortable so you are able to get the most out of your time in the water. Are you looking for a pair of swim shorts that is more form fitting? Are you looking for a pair of swim shorts that provides a loose fit and for increased flexibility? There are different styles of women’s swim shorts and our collection features them all. From longer, looser women’s swim trunks to more form fitting high waisted swim shorts, we have options that every female surfer and swimmer can get comfortable in. Our swim shorts are designed to be lightweight so you barely feel like you’re wearing an extra layer in the water, but don’t let their lightweight nature fool you, they are still durable enough to last you a long time so you can continue to enjoy the water as much as you like.

Get Excited to Buy the Best Women’s Swim Shorts from ROXY

Get suited up properly for your next surf session by choosing your favorite pair of ROXY swim shorts. We have so many styles you can choose from, you can stock up on different pairs that are good for different types of conditions. We make it easy to browse all of our women’s swim short styles through our online store so you can compare all of our different styles and buy the ones that are right for you. To add some extra value to your shopping experience we’ve added a free customer service help line that is available to provide information via live chat, phone, or email to answer to any questions you may have while you shop.

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