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Women's Boardshorts & Swim Shorts

Are you ready to get in the water? Suit up in a pair of ROXY’s women’s board shorts, grab your surfboard, and let’s go! Board shorts aren’t just for the boys, ROXY’s collection of women’s board shorts are designed to keep both your performance and style on point whether you’re out in the ocean for a swim or a surf. ROXY has deep roots in surf culture, and a long history of designing high quality performance products that keep you comfortable in the ocean. Our women’s board shorts are perfect for days when the water is too warm for a wetsuit but you’d still like a bit of coverage. Each of our boardshort styles is designed with the best features so that you can choose the pair you like best and be confident that they will add value to your time in the water.

Women’s Board Shorts? You Bet!

Boardshorts might not be the first thing you think of wearing when you’re getting ready for the beach, but don’t rule them out just yet. Once you try on a pair of our women’s board shorts you’ll immediately see what all the fuss is about. Here’s the deal, we’re here to tell you that, believe it or not, board shorts are another great way to get dressed for the time you spend on your surfboard. Are they shorts? Are they swimsuits? The beauty of boardshorts is they’re a bit of both! They’re comfortable, lightweight, and provide more coverage for days when your go-to bottoms just won’t cut it. You can enjoy giving your skin a little more protection from friction against your board for days when you plan on being out in the water a little longer than usual. It’s always nice to have options, and that’s exactly what our boardshorts provide.

ROXY Board Shorts are Nothing but the Best

What makes ROXY women’s boardshorts the best? We give each pair the highest attention to detail right down to the last drawstring. We are constantly updating our designs with the latest technical fabrics that will keep your performance in the water on point. Every pair of board shorts and surf shorts that we design is made with ultra light, stretchy, quick drying fabrics that will help to enhance your skills on your board by not weighing you down and allowing you to have flexible easy motion. Boardshorts are also an easy way to transition seamlessly from the water to land since they act as their own substantial bottom layer offering plenty of coverage to take your day directly from the ocean into town without having to change.

Buy The Best Women’s Board Shorts From ROXY

Are you ready to suit up in the perfect pair of performance board shorts? ROXY’s selection of women’s board shorts has all of the style options you need to choose from to get exactly what you’re looking for. You can shop our full collection of women’s boardshorts through our online store, making it easier than ever to get the styles you want quickly and conveniently. Browse our selection and buy the boardshorts that will compliment your surfing style the most. If you have questions about which boardshorts are best for you, our free customer service help line is readily available to provide the answers and information you need via live chat, email, or phone.

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