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Wetsuits Accessories

Wetsuits Accessories - Shop the Latest Collection

Who says you can’t accessorize in the water? Not us! We are firm believers that accessories are actually quite important when you’re heading out for a surf - neoprene accessories, that is. As a brand with a long history of designing top quality and high performance surf gear, we are experts when it comes to knowing what women’s neoprene accessories will enhance the time you spend on your surfboard. Our collection of neoprene accessories is complete with surf gloves, surf hoods, and surf boots that will keep your extremities just as warm, comfortable, and protected as your core. Surfing is a sport that requires all parts of your body to participate, don’t get dragged down by numb fingers and toes, or worse, a brain freeze! Dress yourself for success each time you paddle out by remembering to put on your neoprene accessories.

Turn Up the Heat With ROXY Women’s Neoprene Accessories

Now that we’ve expressed the importance of neoprene accessories, let’s take a closer look at some of the women’s neoprene accessories that we’re referring to. First, let’s talk about neoprene gloves, or surf gloves as they’re more commonly known. You wouldn’t venture out into cold weather without a pair of gloves, right? Exactly. Venturing out into cold water is no different - grab your surf gloves! ROXY understands the importance of women’s neoprene gloves and we design a variety of styles so you can find a pair that best fits your surfing style. You will be pleasantly surprised with what a big difference it makes to your overall comfort while in the water. Another recommended neoprene accessory for colder conditions is a neoprene wetsuit hood. A hood can keep your neck and head warm and dry and is necessary in very cold water conditions. Don’t cut your surf session short due to discomfort, take the necessary precautions when entering into colder waters and suit up properly with a pair of surf gloves and a neoprene wetsuit hood.

ROXY Neoprene Accessories Have You Covered from Head to Toe

Now that we’ve covered some upper body neoprene accessories, it’s time to take a look at one of our favorite neoprene accessories, neoprene booties. Why do we love neoprene shoes for women so much? Because they are very versatile and cold water conditions are not the only time when they can be useful, and when it comes to women’s neoprene accessories we are all about maximizing value. Regardless of the water temperature, neoprene booties are also useful when the ocean floor is rocky or rough and some additional foot protection is needed to get into the water. After hearing more about all the benefits women’s neoprene surf accessories have to offer, we hope you are inspired to wear some ROXY neoprene surf accessories the next time you paddle out, and we can’t wait to hear about the difference it makes in your surfing experience.

It’s Time to Buy the Best Women’s Neoprene Accessories from ROXY

Are you ready to buy some neoprene accessories? Navigate your way to ROXY’s online store and choose from a wide selection of women’s neoprene accessories to find the ones that will best complement your next surf session. Our convenient online shopping experience makes it easy for you to get the neoprene accessories you need quickly so you can get back in the water in no time. We know that sometimes questions arise when you shop, and it’s nice to have someone to talk to about which items might be best for you and why; our free customer service helpline is readily available to provide any answers and information you need via live chat, phone, and email as you shop so that you can feel comfortable with all of your purchase decisions.

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