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Exercise Swimsuits & Triathlon Suits for Women

Everyone’s talking about athletic swimwear these days. Why? Because swimming is the ultimate full body workout, and more and more women are taking the plunge to discover what all the fuss is about. Leisure swimming is one thing, but swimming as a workout requires the proper women’s sports swimwear, just as any other sport requires the proper attire. ROXY is a brand that caters to active, adventurous women everywhere, and we are experts when it comes to developing performance-inspired athletic swimwear designs. As a brand that has deep roots in surfing, water sports has always been an area of expertise for us, and we have a history of innovative designs that we continue to build upon to design each new season of women’s sports swimwear. Whether you’re new to a swim workout, or have logged countless miles in the ocean, ROXY is here to provide you with the best athletic swimwear you need to keep you cutting through the water like a razor.

Improve Your Water Wardrobe with ROXY Athletic Swimwear

Some people may wonder, why do I need to get a specific piece of athletic swimwear to workout in the water? Think about it this way: you wouldn’t go running in a dress, right? For all the same reasons, you wouldn’t go swimming in a fashion bikini. Sport swimsuits give you the proper coverage and support you need to be able to move as quickly through the water as you’d like without having to worry about any suit malfunctions. Athletic swimwear for women is specifically designed to reduce drag so that you can be as aerodynamic as possible while moving through the water. ROXY designs a collection of women’s sports swimwear that will keep you feeling comfortable during all of your water workouts. Whether you’re treading water, repeating laps in the pool, or going the distance in the open ocean, our sporty swimwear styles will give you the support you need to stay focused on your technique.

Dive Into the Latest Trends: Women’s Sports Swimwear

Athletic swimwear often gets a bad rap for not being extremely stylish. People immediately sports swimwear with high cut one piece swimsuits and racerback swimsuits that you remember wearing on the swim team in high school. While racerbacks and one piece designs hold their place among reputable performance swimwear, designs of athletic swimsuits have evolved over the year to become as fashionable as they are functional. ROXY knows that comfort is a big part of achieving performance goals, and we design each of our sport swimsuit styles to provide you with a physical comfort as well as a comfort of mind knowing that the swimsuit you’ve chosen complements you well. Next time you opt to workout in the water, give one of our athletic bikinis a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how secure the sport bikini top is as you move through your workout. We like to think of it more as a sports bra swim top than anything else, because it provides the hybrid of support, security, and water resistance that you need to successfully complete your routine without any distractions. The future of women’s sports swimwear is here, and ROXY has all of the designs you need to take full advantage.

ROXY Has the Athletic Swimwear You Need to Buy

Ready to dive into a new swim workout routine? Navigate your way to ROXY’s online store so you can buy a selection of our athletic swimwear styles to keep you motivated in the pool. Swimming never looked better, and ROXY’s women’s sports swimwear will not only keep your water wardrobe on point, it will keep you comfortable and protected each stroke of the way. Still unsure about which of our athletic swimwear styles will work best for you? Start a conversation with our free customer service help line via live chat, phone, or email, and get the answers and information you need to choose the best style for you!

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