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Sports Bras for Girls & Women

The key to a comfortable workout is a high quality sports bra. The sports bra has evolved a great deal over the years; from original designs that focused strictly on keeping everything as compact as possible, to more modern designs that focus on comfort and support. At ROXY, we’re firm believers that you should never feel restricted during your daily activities. As a result, we’ve always designed sports bras that are flexible, comfortable, and supportive throughout any activity you choose to do. We want you to look forward to the time you spend exercising, and if we can provide you with sports bra options that will make you feel comfortable while doing so, then maybe we can make even the most intense workout seem slightly more appealing. We never said exercise would be easy, but at least we can make it a little more enjoyable.

Get Fit in a ROXY Sports Bra

What qualities do you look for in a sports bra? We’re often getting feedback from women like you who lead active lifestyles so that we can continuously improve upon the sports bras we design each season. Our goal as a brand that caters to your active, adventurous lifestyle, is to create the best sports bras so you can feel confidently supported throughout all of your daily workouts and excursions. We know everyone has different preferences when it comes to how a sports bra fits and what level of support it offers, which is why we design a range of styles so that your needs are accommodated. If you’re in need of serious support for a rigorous workout, a high impact sports bra is the perfect choice to keep your goods in check. If you don’t love fighting your way in and out of the tightness of a sports bra, make the process a bit easier with a front close sports bra that allows you to get in and out of it seamlessly. Looking for a little extra lift? There’s no need to sacrifice shape while you exercise, throw on a push up sports bra for some enhanced support that will keep your curves complemented as you workout. Whatever style you’re looking for, ROXY has great sports bra options that will meet all of your needs.

Have Fun in Your ROXY Sports Bra

Since you have to wear a sports bra when you workout, why not have some fun with it? ROXY offers a variety of colors, patterns and styles in our sports bra collection so you can find the ones that speak to your unique sense of fitness fashion. If you’re bored of the average white sports bra, try out one of our bold colors like a pink sports bra to add some brightness to your workout session. Looking for an interesting design that will add some flare to the rest of your workout wardrobe? A strappy sports bra is always a fun way to spice things up and have a little fun with your gym attire. Our sports bras can be paired with other tops, or worn on their own - either way they offer great style while ensuring even greater support.

Get Great Support and Buy a ROXY Sports Bra Today!

It’s time to give yourself the support you need for all of your workouts. Get your hands on a ROXY sports bra, and experience a whole new level of fitness comfort. Our full collection of sports bras is available in our online store making it easy to buy the styles you like the most from the comfort of your own home. Choose from a variety of colors, silhouettes, and patterns to find the sports bra that is just right for you. If you have questions while shopping online, our free customer service help line is conveniently available to provide any information you are looking for.

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