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The Roxy hardgoods collection strikes the balance between style, performance, femininity and sustainability. 30+ years of Roxy design heritage and Mervin Made women’s hardgoods development come together in our Roxy snowboard and binding collection. State of the art technology and dynamic designs by Roxy x Mervin. Together we seek movement and see change, with environmentally responsible production and industry first technologies.

Women's Snowboards: Freestyle & Wide Boards

Looking to update your snowboard this year? Or maybe you’re buying one for the first time. Whatever your reason for buying a snowboard is, ROXY has a great selection of women’s snowboards that will accommodate just what you are looking for. At ROXY, we are passionate about snowboarding and we have been fusing that passion with our love for design for many years to create top of the line women’s snowboarding products. Our snowboards are made to fit women and enhance your riding style regardless of what level you are at.

Find Your Fit: ROXY Women’s Snowboards

If you are new to the sport, you might be wondering how to choose a snowboard. While it is natural to want to gravitate towards the colors or designs you find most appealing, there are several more technical aspects you should take into consideration when choosing your snowboard. Snowboard length is one of the main things you will want to focus on when selecting a snowboard. Your weight and height can help you determine what length of board is right for you along with your preferred riding style. Will you be spending most of your time freeriding? If so, a board with a little more length will offer the stability you need. If you plan to spend majority of your time perfecting snowboarding tricks in the terrain park, a smaller board will allow for easier maneuverability. These factors will also help you to determine whether you prefer wide snowboards to thinner ones. Snowboard sizing can be tricky so it is always a good idea to do your research and even consult a snowboard size chart prior to making your decision.

Get Comfortable On A ROXY Snowboard

Figuring our how to snowboard can seem intimidating, but with the right snowboard and some confidence you’ll find that snowboarding for beginners is really fun! ROXY makes the best snowboards for women of all riding styles. We have snowboards that are built to improve progression as well as a selection of women’s snowboards that are designed for the advanced riders who continue to perfect their riding styles. We have snowboard packages that include other gear you need so you can easily get equipped for your day on the mountain.

While we might not all be looking to get custom snowboards, ROXY offers accessories that will allow you to make your board your own including snowboard stickers that can add some flare to your snowboard. We also have snowboard stomp pads for our women’s snowboards so that you can comfortably keep your feet stabilized on your board even if you’re not fully strapped in.

Buy The Snowboards You Want From ROXY

Don’t waste any more time without the right snowboard. Winter is coming up quickly and we want to make sure you have the women’s snowboard you need to fully enjoy your time on the mountain. Visit ROXY’s online store today to buy the snowboards of your choice. Our convenient online shopping experience and free customer service help line make it fast and easy to get the women’s snowboards you need. Less time shopping, more time shredding.

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