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Women's Skis - Parabolic & Freestyle Ski Collection

Looking for the perfect pair of women’s skis? ROXY has a great selection of skis that are suitable for a range of skiers. Whether you are looking for beginner skis or a pair of skis to compliment your pro status, you will find that ROXY has the best women’s skis to choose from. ROXY is a brand that thrives on designing products that can facilitate your active and adventurous lifestyle. We have a long history of making all top quality gear you need for your favorite snow sports, and our collection of women’s skis is the cherry on top. Browse the collection today to score yourself the latest in ski design and technology.

ROXY Skis Are Right For You

Regardless of what kind of skiing you enjoy, ROXY has a pair of skis that will fit your style and accommodate your skills. You’ll find various styles of downhill skis suitable for a range of skier levels and mountain terrains, as well as a selection of park skis for those who enjoy spending the day testing tricks. If you’re new to the sport, it can be overwhelming to determine how to choose skis and which are right for you. Luckily, ROXY is here to help guide you to the right pair. You’ll often hear people talking about shaped skis vs. straight skis. While straight skis have been the tradition, shaped skis are the future. Shaped skis like parabolic skis allow you to turn and balance much easier. These styles are a great choice for all levels, but especially beginners since they are designed to facilitate easy maneuvering. Shaped skis are quickly becoming the norm, and ROXY’s designs are at the forefront.

Powder or Park? ROXY Has Women’s Skis For All Terrains

Pick your poison. Do you enjoy tearing it up in the terrain park or slashing through fresh powder? Wherever the mountain summons you, be prepared to perform at your best by rocking a pair of ROXY women’s skis. For those of you who love the backcountry, a pair of alpine skis will be nice and light on your feet as well as designed to accommodate any hiking you encounter. Powder chasers can enjoy a pair of our powder skis. Their wide and light designs allow for flotation above the wintery white depths and easy maneuverability through thick conditions. If you plan to spend most of your time in the park, a pair of ROXY twin tip skis is the best way to go. Their symmetrical design allows for versatile maneuvering and a seamless transition between forward and backward riding. Short skis and ski blades are also great options for the park as they are lighter. Short skis have become popular with mogul riders as well as their smaller size allows for impeccable maneuverability and easy control. Ski blades are popular among freestyle skiers and are great for throwing tricks in the terrain park. Whatever types of skis you are looking for, ROXY’s collection of women’s skis has all of the options you need to choose from.

Size Them Up Right: Find The ROXY Skis That Fit You Best

Thinking all skiers can wear the same skis is like thinking that all swimmers can wear the same speedos: this is not a one size fits all situation. Size definitely matters when it comes to choosing the right pair of women’s skis, at the end of the day it is all about what feels right underneath your feet, but to help guide you in the process, ROXY is here to give you some pointers on what might work well for you. If you’re asking yourself, “what size skis do I need?”, the first thing you need to consider is ski length. Ski length can definitely have an impact on how you are able to ride in different conditions. Choosing a pair of short skis will allow you to control movements easier but will not offer the same stability at high speeds that a longer pair of skis will. Ski sizing in terms of width is also important. Just as a longer length offers more stability, so does a wider width. However, more surface area touching the snow can sometimes cause slower speeds depending on the terrain and the conditions. Check out our ski sizing chart for some more details on how to fit yourself properly so you can have a flawless day on your choice of skis.

Buy Your Perfect Pair of Women’s Skis Today

Now that you know a little bit more about how to choose your perfect pair of skis, head to ROXY’s online store and buy the pair of women’s skis that fits your skiing style. Our convenient online shopping experience makes it simple to find what you need from the comfort of your own home. Got questions? We have answers. Our free customer service help line is available to answer all of your inquiries via live chat, email or phone. Make today a great day and buy yourself a pair of ROXY skis.

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