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Running Pants

Running pants perfect for active women and girls.

Women’s running pants and women’s running shorts are essentials for every runner to have in her workout wardrobe. At ROXY, we are all about accommodating your active lifestyle through our designs, and we have created a full collection of women’s running pants that will keep you covered in all conditions without sacrificing any of your performance standards. Our women’s running shorts are equally as performance driven so that you can choose your style of bottoms based on your personal preference and not based on a difference in performance. With all of our great designs available to choose from, you can be confident that you will always be properly dressed for your run no matter what year, day, or season it is. ROXY makes running easier, or at least, we make dressing for your run easier - the rest is up to you.

Looking for a Great Pair of Women’s Running Pants? ROXY Has Them!

Let’s say that it’s too cold for a pair of women’s running shorts, what should you wear? When you shop with ROXY, you can actually choose how to answer that question because we have a range of women’s running pants to choose from rather than expecting that all runners will want to wear the same style. When it comes to running pants, it’s all about what makes you the most comfortable when you run. Runners typically wear tight pants because there is less drag, and also there is no extra material flopping around and getting in the way of your momentum, but there are still some runners who prefer the looser track pant style. We have a range of great women’s running leggings and running tights to choose from for women who enjoy running in tight pants. We also have a range of running capris for women who enjoy giving their legs a little room to breathe at the bottom, or for days when the weather is slightly warmer and you don’t need as much coverage. While no two runners are the same, no two runners like to wear exactly the same pants which is why we also have a selection of track pants. Track pants are not as conforming to the leg, and can be quite comfortable for some runners who don’t enjoy the fit of tighter alternatives. Whatever style of women’s running pants you are seeking, ROXY has the right fit for you!

Who Wears Short Shorts? ROXY Women’s Running Shorts

Some days are too warm for women’s running pants, and some workouts build up too much of a sweat to keep your legs fully confined. For these reasons, ROXY offers a wide selection of women’s running shorts to choose from. Our running shorts are the best running shorts you will find because they are made to be ultra lightweight and designed with soft, comfortable materials that will make you feel like you aren’t even wearing shorts at all. When it comes to running shorts, less is more, and our collection of running shorts for women embodies that exact idea, creating comfort that stays with you for the entire length of your run. So, next time you set out on a run, don’t be afraid to show a little leg and enjoy running in a high performance pair of our ROXY women’s running shorts.

Now is a Great Time to Buy the Women’s Running Pants You Love

Now that you have heard all about the great selection ROXY has when it comes to women’s running pants and women’s running shorts, it’s time to make your way to our online store so you can buy the pairs that fit your running regimen the best. Our online store makes it simple to browse through all of the styles we carry so that you can compare all of your options and be confident that you are ending up with the pairs that are perfect for you. Some people ask us whether they can still get the same level of customer service while shopping online, and our answer is yes! Our free customer service helpline is available to provide you with any information you may need while shopping so that you can be happy with all of your purchases.

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