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Born at the intersection of hair metal and grunge, Roxy’s always been inspired by rock and roll. Both on and off the board. So to honor that shared spirit, Roxy is commemorating some of the biggest icons in music through this limited edition.

  • Experimenting with concept albums and studio effects, Pink Floyd showed us an abyss of progressive and psychedelic rock, blowing minds and leaving us creatively enlightened.

  • Amy Winehouse was an iconic and multi-award winning British singer-songwriter. Amy is a true icon of our time and has influenced music forever with her originality and talent.

  • New York City in the 70s was loud, filthy, and dangerous. From this jungle emerged Blondie. In bleached-blond lead singer Deborah Harry, new wave's answer to Marilyn Monroe, the group had an international icon.

  • Don't let anyone tell you different, Jimi Hendrix was the greatest guitar player of all time. Tearing through the music scene like a buzz saw, blowing minds and inspiring countless others to follow in his footsteps.

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Music Band - Rock'n Roll Spirit