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Girls Boardshorts and Kid's Beach Wear

Heading to the ocean? Make sure you’re dressed appropriately for your activities by suiting up in a pair of ROXY girls board shorts or girls swim shorts. ROXY has a long history of designing performance products that can turn an average day at the beach into an epic day at the beach. With deep roots in surf culture, our brand has always been a leader in creating high quality girls board shorts that can be worn while surfing and girls swim shorts that are great for swimming and playing in the ocean. Next time you’re looking for options of what to wear for your full day at the beach, trust in ROXY and try something less traditional by throwing on on a pair of girls board shorts; we guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and functional they are. After all, when it comes to outfits for the ocean, we are experts.

Get Comfortable on Your Board with ROXY Girls Board Shorts

Give yourself an extra edge when it comes to gearing up for a great surf session by wearing a pair of ROXY girls board shorts. If you thought boardshorts were just for boys, think again; girls boardshorts are a perfect piece of attire to wear when paddling out for a surf. But what makes board shorts for girls so special? Well, at ROXY, we’ve designed each pair of boardshorts for girls with the highest quality premium materials so that they keep you comfortable for as long as you like to stay in the water. Our ROXY girls board shorts are also lightweight and quick drying so you never feel weighed down by waterlogged bottoms. One nice feature about a pair of girls board shorts is that they offer a bit more coverage than the traditional surf attire, which allows for less friction against your surfboard. For extra coverage, opt to wear a pair of our girls long board shorts so that you really don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable no matter how long you choose to stay in the sea.

Swim in Style With a Pair of ROXY Girls Swim Shorts

Not up for surfing, but looking to spend some time in the water? Great! Our girls swim shorts are great for keeping you comfortable while offering a little more coverage than your traditional swim bottoms. We design each pair of girls swim board shorts to keep you carefree in the water by using the best technical fabrics available to design them. We know that every girl is particular about her wardrobe right down to the last pair of long swim shorts, which is why we offer a variety of colors and patterns in our collection of swim shorts for girls. Choose from basic styles like black swim shorts and white swim shorts, or take a walk on the wild side by choosing to wear a bright color or bold pattern to spice up your beach days. Whatever your style preference may be, we have a pair of girls swim shorts that you will love!

Ready, Set, Buy! Girls Swim Shorts and Girls Board Shorts are Going Fast

Don’t waste another minute without experiencing the comfort and quality a pair of our girls board shorts has to offer. You can browse our full collection of girls board shorts and girls swim shorts in our online store, making it easier than ever to buy the girls board shorts you need to have a great summer filled with lots of time in the ocean. Still have questions about our girls board shorts and swim shorts? You can ask our free customer service help line anything you’d like and they will provide you with the answers and information you need to make well informed purchase decisions so you will be happy with your new gear!

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