Add the spirit of the beach to your holiday tree this year with these simple DIY seashell ornaments.



1. CRAFT WIRE  (we recommend a thin gauge, so it fits easily into the bead holes)



4. VARIETY OF SEASHELL BEADS (most shells will work, if they have holes in them)

5. SMALLER ‘FILLER’ BEADS (we used clay beads to match the natural tones of the shells)


Step 1 :

Cut three pieces of wire, equal length. We used pieces about 6 inches long, but you can adjust the size based on the final snowflake size you want to end up with.




Step 2 :

Start with just one piece of wire and attach a shell to one end. Use your needlenose pliers to help thread the wire throught the shell and then wrap the wire back around itself a few times, to help secure the end. You can use the wire cutters to trim off any excess. Then string beads and shells on the wire, and secure off the end with another shell.




Step 3 :

Take your second piece of wire, and line up the center of the wire with the center of your finished beaded wire strand, and wrap the second wire around tightly, securing in the center while pulling in opposite directions to tighten it around the first piece. You should now have the shape of an X or cross. Add beads and shells to the two ends of the wire, and secure the ends with shells the same way you did with the first strand.




Step 4 :

Attach your third strand of wire by wrapping it tightly around the center of the ‘X’ (like you did with the second strand), you will now have a shape that starts to look more like a snowflake. Add shells and beads.




Step 5 :

Now you will cut a 4th piece of wire, which will be used to secure the center of your ‘snowflake’. Make sure you have enough wire to wrap fully in a circle around the halfway point of your ‘snowflake’. Once cut, wrap one end around one strand of the beaded wire, and add beads and shells until you fill in the space between the next strand of beaded wire. Wrap your wire around that strand to secure, and contine beading, and securing until you get all the way around the snowflake. Secure the end by wrapping the wire around itself a few times, and cut off the excess.




Step 6 :

Straighten out any kinks that may have arrived while working with the ornament, form it into a final shape you are happy with, hang on your tree, and enjoy the beachy holiday vibes! They would also be cute tied onto the top of a gift.