ROXY Snow Diaries: Episode 1 Setting Up Your Board

At the end of last year, we asked Megan Godinez, AKA Aunty Megs, if she had ever been snowboarding… Knowing that the most snow Megs had previously seen was in the icy Hawaiian delicacy, shave ice.


So when we asked if she would like to not only learn how to snowboard but help us create ROXY Snow Diaries, we knew we were in for a fun adventure!


We packed our bags and headed to Copper Mountain, Colorado, where we caught up with Megs’ instructor, super talented Australian snowboarder, Emily Arthur.


Over the next eight episodes, Emily will guide Megs (and you!) through everything from how to layer your snow gear, how to tackle the chairlift and eventually, how to graduate to bigger terrain. But for today, we’re starting with how to set up your snowboard.