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Torah Bright



Salt Lake City, UT


Cooma, NSW, Australia


  • 2014
  • Silver Medal Winter Olympics, Halfpipe
  • 7th Winter Olympics, Slopestyle
  • 15th Winter Olympics, Snowboard Cross
  • 1st Winter Dew Tour, Halfpipe
  • 2013
  • 1st World Cup, Halfpipe at Copper Mountain
  • 3rd World Championships, Slopestyle at Stoneham, Quebec
  • 2012
  • 4th European X-Games, Halfpipe
  • 2010
  • Gold Medal Winter Olympics, Halfpipe
  • 2009
  • 1st US Open, Halfpipe
  • 1st Winter X Games, Superpipe
  • 1st Winter Dew Tour, Halfpipe
  • World Superpipe Champion


Torah Bright exists in a category all of her own. A snow lover since birth, Torah was skiing at age 2 and by 11 she had broken into the snowboarding scene. Torah joined the Roxy team in 1999 and has gone on to dominate competitions around the world, including the TTR World Tour, Global Open Series, FIS World Cups, Winter X Games, and of course, podium finishes at two Winter Olympics. Torah splits her time between her home of Salt Lake City, her training ground of New Zealand, and her homeland of Australia. In 2011, she focused on backcountry riding and added big powder jumps, steep lines, and snowmobile rallying to her formidable arsenal. In 2013 Torah dropped back into the contest scene with force, this time attacking halfpipe, slopestyle and snowboard cross. After a successful start to her 2014 season with a Dew Tour win, Torah went on to become the first and only person in the world to qualify and compete in three snowboard events at the 2014 Winter Games. We couldn’t be more proud of Torah, she never ceases to amaze us.

Roxy Q&A

Dream holiday?

Favorite food?

Favorite place to snowboard?
Park City in the US & Perisher in Australia

Current fashion obsession?
Nail polish

Favorite trick?
Air 2 Fakie

Proudest accomplishment?
2 Olympic medals

What tunes get you pumped for a pow day?
Anything that makes me dance!

Most terrified of?
The dark

Who is your Hero?
Mother Teresa

Best trip ever?
Morocco Roxy trip. It was amazing to experience the culture and be snowboarding in Africa!

What are you rocking this season?
Big hair, big scare! (haha is this meant to be outerwear, boards??)

Name a movie you've watched a million times.
Star Wars

Best snowboard movie for inspiration?
Art of Flight

In five years who do you hope to be?
The best human I know how to be.

You and your friends like to?
Be silly

Your favorite city?
Sydney, Australia

What is your pre-snowboarding routine?
Wake up eat some breakfast and stretch as I'm eating.

Contest or filming?
Filming, just because I have not done a lot.

Best pre-riding breakfast?

What do you love most about snowboarding?
Riding powder and the freedom you feel.

What advice would you give to girls who want to come up in snowboarding?
Focus on ridding and having a good time, being the best you can. The rest will come.

What are some of your non-snow hobbies?
Surfing, decorating and playing with my cute little nieces and nephews.