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Rosy Hodge

Rosy Hodge

D.O.B.:April 27, 1986
STANCE: Regular
FAVE WAVE: Mexico, any right hand point!
2007-2010 ASP WORLD TOUR
2009 ASP Most Improved
9x South African Champ

Favorite manuever?
I like getting barrelled and I grew up on right hand points so I love a good carve.

Baking, working out (seriously), beach running, body surfing, singing in the car, reading, Bikram Yoga.

What you do on your downtime?
Hangout at airports.

Fave Roxy Bikini?
I'm loving the full pieces and the bra tops.

It took Rosanne Hodge only one year to qualify for the 2007 ASP Women's World Tour after graduating from high school. With an upbringing on the right-hand point breaks of east South Africa, it's no wonder she can execute one of the best layback snaps in women's surfing.

At age 11, Rosy took 4th place in the U10 Boys division of the South African champs, and she competed on her national U19 team for the Quiksilver World Grommet Teams Title in Bali. Then she hit the ground running. Rosy became one of the very few Saffas to make Women's World Tour status, and she remained on tour for four consecutive years.

Now, Rosy only spends a few months out of the year on her home turf. Rosy has explored new avenues by commenting on surf specials and competitions across the globe. Listen for her South African accent in this year's ASP webcasts. Her bubbly personality makes her as entertaining to listen to as she is to watch.