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Monyca Eleogram

D.O.B.:July 26, 1990
STANCE: Regular
HOMETOWN: Hana, Maui
FAVE WAVE: Homebreak in Hana
Living my dreams!

Special Talent besides surfing?
Sewing and hula

What you do on your downtime?
Relax with my boyfriend and my dog at the beach, and spend time with family and friends

Favorite surfboard?
5'81/2" short board.

Your dream?
Build my own house in Hana, surf as much as possible, and design swimwear

Goals as a professional surfer:
Keep progressing forever, inspire people to fall in love with surfing, and also help get them started.

Monyca remembers calling her home break in Hana the "mysterious beyond," because she never seemed to make it to the lineup. Many years and accomplishments later, Monyca has undoubtedly "made it".

At fourteen, Monyca's athleticism culminated, and she solidified her place in the professional world of surfing. She represented Hawaii at the '05 and '06 Quiksilver World Junior Pro and qualified for the 2007 NSSA National Finals.

However, Monyca sees surfing as something that goes beyond the competitive elements. Monyca's approach to the sport as a free surfer mirrors her free spirit, which easily transcends into a creative outlet in the form of making bikinis. Monyca expresses herself through her bikini-making craft and continues to be passionate about this uniquely perfect-for-her hobby.

Monyca's self-proclaimed greatest achievement is not her success as an athlete. Instead, she sees it as spending time with people she loves, and having a job that lets her surf everyday. Her life philosophy is, "do what you love" and Monyca Eleogram has embodied this philosophy to a tee.