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Jen Smith

Jen Smith

D.O.B.:March 3, 1986
STANCE: Regular
HOMETOWN: Pacific Beach, San Diego
FAVE WAVE: Scorpion Bay
2011 ASP Women's Longboard No. 3
2010 1st place Costa Rica PLA Pro
2009 ASP Women's World Longboard Champion

Favorite manuever?
You can't pick just one, that would be like choosing a favorite friend, unfair. I'm into the backwards take-off, noseriding, hanging heels and walking back, swooping cutties...

Cooking, skateboarding, cycling, growing food in my garden, going to local/farmers markets, making things out of wood, yoga.

Best surf trip
I love a good camping road trip. Driving to your destination in hopes of scoring and camping out under the stars is always an adventure, especially if you're in Mex or some rugged country and there are dirt roads involved.

Sketchiest food youÕve eaten on a surf trip
I once ate a goat eyeball in Mexico. Cooked of course.

Favorite surfboard
The board that works best for the conditions at hand. Small waves- 9'3"Tripple stringer, overhead or hollow- pulled in 8'6"-9'0" shredder, medium waves- fish, log, hp noserider

Jen Smith can attribute her fun, laid-back style and commitment to surfing to her upbringing. She was inspired by her father, a San Diegan surf fixture and skateboard shop owner. Jen grew up biking to the La Jolla reefs after school, and spent all of her free time surfing (and working at her dad's skate shop).

By ten, she'd entered her first surf contest and made the final. "I was stoked and hungry for more," she recalls. She competed in as many events as she could and found quick success, becoming the World Longboard Champ in 2007 and 2009.

Still, Jen finds just as much fulfillment in freesurfing. "I try to find a balance between competing and staying happy, enjoying the everyday things in life. I'm a simple person and I appreciate everything," she says. "I have a great lifestyle. I can't even count all the countries I've been to on one hand. As a surfer, you're always looking for new moments, new waves and new spots. In that respect, I feel pretty good."