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Robin Van Gyn



Whistler, British Columbia

Video Career

  • 2012
  • P.S. "Intervals"
  • 2011
  • Peepshow "Winter Wars"
  • 2010
  • Peepshow "Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow"
  • 2009
  • Runway Films "See What I See"
  • 2008
  • Runway Films "La La Land"


A true snowboard missionary, Robin Van Gyn is a devoted backcountry trailblazer on North and South America's steepest peaks. Hilarious and charismatic, Robin also spends her time coaching kids in the fine art of shred. Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, Robin is now a Whistler local and has established herself as a big-mountain dominator. She's a regular in the BC backcountry and typically can be found dropping cliffs, pillow lines, and spinning off kickers-exploits often documented in magazines and films.

Robin has dedicated the last few years to a full-on filming campaign, earning the only full part of backcountry riding in Peepshow Film's 2011 release "Winter Wars". She followed that up with an epic season of filming for the P.S. webisode series with fellow backcountry extraordinaire, Hana Beaman. Look for Robin's mind-blowing opening segment in the fall 2012 release of the P.S. film "Intervals".

Roxy Q&A

Dream holiday?
Since I get to spend so much time in the snow, I think I would choose something a little more HOT... like Bali or Indonesia for a month or two.

Favorite food?
Salad and Pizza

Current fashion obsession?
Wool socks and ankle boots

Most terrified of?
Bad food

Celebrity crush?
Hayden Christensen. He's not only easy on the eyes and a successful actor, but an architect as well. I like people who can multitask.

Who is your Hero?
Skylar Holgate of Silverton Mountain Guides. He is a certified bad-ass heli guide and mountain guide and one of the best snowboarders I have ever met. He gets on top of the craziest lines and does them without blinking. It's amazing to watch.

Best trip ever?
I went on a trip with Hana Beaman, Leanne Pelosi, and Annie Boulanger to the Revelstoke area. BC Action Adventures took us out sledding to pillow zones I could have never dreamed of and we stayed at a simple cabin in the woods every night. It was truly magical to be out there with no cell phones or internet, just us and the elements.

What do you love most about snowboarding?
Being able to create whatever I want from the mountain; it really is a blank canvas.

Favorite place to snowboard?

What are you rocking this season?
Merino wool and a puffy mid layer; these two combined are a game changer in the backcountry.

Best snowboard movie for inspiration?
All the Absinthe movies make me drool.

What is your pre-snowboarding routine?
Coffee, weather check, pack a lunch, pack my backpack, breakfast

Best pre-riding breakfast?
Oatmeal, almonds, bananas, yogurt

Favorite trick?
Method Air

Contest or filming?

What are some of your non-snow hobbies?
Gardening, surfing, hiking, biking, swimming, and sailing

You and your friends like to?
Cook for each other

In five years who do you hope to be?
Crushing heli lines in Alaska

What advice would you give to girls who want to come up in snowboarding?
Stick with it if it feels right but having fun while doing it is the most important.