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Erin Comstock



Salt Lake City, UT

Video Career

  • 2012
  • Standard Films "The Storming"
  • 2009
  • Park City's "I Ride Park City"
  • Runway Films "See What I See"
  • 2007
  • Roxy's "Labor of Love"
  • 2006
  • Misschief Films "Ro Sham Bo"
  • 2005
  • Misschief Films "As If!"


One of the few women to have graced the cover of Transworld Snowboarding magazine, Erin Comstock is known for her smooth park style, powder prowess, and one dazzling smile. A legit film-pro, she’s an inspiration to female riders who are looking for a career outside of the "contest-pro" box. Over the years Erin has filmed with Standard, Runway, Stance, Park City, Misschief, Vans, and of course, Roxy.

A true child of the mountains, Erin grew up snowboarding in the Lake Tahoe area. She played soccer at San Jose University before transferring to the University of Utah and the nearby shred haven of the Wasatch Mountains. Erin has called Salt Lake City home ever since, where she takes full advantage of the urban jibs, the snow playground at Park City, and the Utah backcountry.

Roxy Q&A

Dream holiday?
The Maldives

Favorite food?
Sushi, and the occasional donut

Favorite place to snowboard?

Current fashion obsession?
Shoes-that will never change... and accessories!

Favorite trick?
BS 180's

Proudest accomplishment?
Learning frontside and backside 720's - I'm stoked to have done that in my career. But really my whole career has been such a big accomplishment in my life!

What tunes get you pumped for a pow day?
None, I just like the sounds of nature

Most terrified of?

Who is your Hero?
My Mom :-)

Best trip ever?
One of my most fun moments was when I did the "As If" snowboard video tour with Roxy & Quiksilver from Canada down to Southern California on the Quiksilver bus. Not sure if it was the best trip ever, but it left me with the best memories!

Name a movie you've watched a million times.
Ewoks the Battle for Endor

Best snowboard movie for inspiration?
Robot Food made some great movies; they are all pretty motivating! I also have a lot of girls tell me they will watch Misschief Films "As If" everyday before riding.

In five years who do you hope to be?
Healthy and happy!

You and your friends like to?
Play tennis, swim, golf, get pedi's and eat!

Celebrity crush?
Ryan Gosling

What did you do before pro snowboarding?
College and working to survive!

Best pre-riding breakfast?
2 eggs, avocado and whole grain bread

What do you love most about snowboarding?
I love to travel, film, take photos, and pushing myself

What are some of your non-snow hobbies?
Bikrim yoga, regular yoga, the gym, hiking, hanging out and doing nothing!

What advice would you give to girls who want to come up in snowboarding?
Finish school, because you never know what may happen, and snowboard because you love it! That is what gets you through the hard moments!