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Aimee Fuller



Belfast, Ireland


  • 2012
  • 2nd Nescafe Leysin Champs
  • 3rd Roxy Snow Pro, Slopestyle
  • 2011
  • 1st Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam, Slopestyle
  • 5th Davos Evolution, Slopestyle


Aimee Fuller was born in the UK, a country that's not exactly known for its snow-topped mountains and snowboard culture. It was when Aimee moved to the US at the age of 12 that she tried snowboarding for the first time. She began riding every weekend and was hooked after her first snowboard contest.

During summer camp at Mt. Hood, Oregon, Aimee was spotted by our very own Erin Comstock. Aimee joined the UK Roxy Team and then the European Future Team where she has been killing it ever since. With wild style and technical skills, she's a joy to watch in the park. Off-snow, Aimee loves surfing, skating, running, and cycling. She is even a qualified fitness instructor. Currently living in Ireland, Aimee is gearing up for the first-ever Olympic slopestyle competition at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

Roxy Q&A

Dream holiday?
Surf trip with the gang to a tropical location

Favorite food?
A top notch steak, medium rare, cooked on a hot stone

Current fashion obsession?
Skinny jeans and oversized shades

Most terrified of?
Sharks and lifts (we call elevators "lifts" in the UK). Once I stayed three days at a hotel in NYC and I was too scared to take the lift! I walked up and down a 40-flight set of stairs the entire time.

Name a movie you've watched a million times.
Titanic, it's a classic.

Celebrity crush?
Ashton Kutcher

What do you love most about snowboarding?
The rush

Best trip ever?
BC with the Roxy crew; some funny times were had.

Favorite place to snowboard?
New Zealand, for the fun vibe and cool people.

What are you rocking this season?
Valley Hoodie Jacket

Most inspiring snowboard film?
Forum's "Vacation"

What is your pre-snowboarding routine?
Lucky socks and pants on, other than that go with the flow!

Best pre-riding breakfast?
Big bowl of porridge or an egg scramble with avocado, time permitting!

What tunes get you pumped for a pow day?
The Clash "London Calling"

Favorite trick?
Backies! (backflips)

Proudest accomplishment?
I just landed a double backie yesterday!?

Contest or filming?
I love to mix it up and do a bit of both. Comps are fun and I get a real rush from them, and filming is a little more laid back and you get to travel to some awesome places with great people.

What are some of your non-snow hobbies?
Cycling, surfing, anything fast on wheels count me in!

In five years who do you hope to be?
Driving a Lamborghini, living on a hot island with surf and mountains, and snowboarding in waist-deep pow.

What advice would you give to girls who want to come up in snowboarding?
Get out there with your mates! Have a laugh and try something new each day, no matter how small, that'll get your stoke on!